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The mission of re:TH!NK, the Lakeshore Tobacco Prevention Network, is to improve the health of our residents by reducing tobacco use and exposure through prevention strategies which include community outreach and involvement to move policy forward collaboratively, across our multi-jurisdictional area.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Smoke-Free Air Laws = Big Decline in Heart Attacks

Americans would suffer 18,000 fewer attacks per year, save millions in health costs, study finds.

Read the entire artcle on Bloomberg Businessweek's website: http://www.businessweek.com/lifestyle/content/healthday/639298.html

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Don’t get sneaky with smoke ban

The last thing Wisconsin needs this summer as the state transitions to a ban on smoking in the workplace is for tavern owners to try to sneak around the real intent of the new law.

Starting July 5, all workplaces in Wisconsin must be smoke-free. The Legislature and Gov. Jim Doyle deserve credit for finally accomplishing this much-needed state policy.

The law is a huge boost for the health of state residents - especially those who work in places that, until now, have allowed a heavy haze of second-hand smoke to fill indoor spaces.

So, as we said when the law passed a year ago - with the now-imminent implementation date of July 5 - three cheers for this long-needed change.

Now, we hope owners of bars and taverns don't try to manipulate the part of the law that allows for smoking on outdoor patios and other outside places. Even allowing for smoking in outdoor areas was a compromise needed to get the overall law passed, so it's in the best interest of everyone if that provision is upheld as intended.

There was some chatter around the topic last week because Gov. Jim Doyle signed a bill that clarified part of the original law related to the definition of enclosed spaces versus outdoor spaces. Smoking is banned in enclosed spaces, but not outdoors. So if a bar owner creates a new "outdoor" patio that happens to have four walls, a roof and lots of windows to open, is it OK to smoke there? Answer: it shouldn't be.

Let's not play games or get cute in trying to sneak around the new law. No smoking indoors - it's that simple. And let's not try to reinvent the definition of outdoors in an attempt to let people smoke in what really is an indoor facility.

We're sure it won't take smokers long to get used to stepping outside - truly outside - to enjoy their habit. And everyone else inside can continue to breathe easier.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

SC 50 cent cigarette tax increase passes!

Great news from South Carolina today after years of work on the tobacco tax there. It is especially gratifying that $5 million from the tax will be dedicated to the tobacco prevention and cessation program. This increase should help in many other states.

The SC Senate overrode Governor Sanford's veto 33-13 today after yesterday's 90-29 House vote to override. Congratulations to the dedicated and tenacious advocates who have worked for 10 long years to raise the state's 7 cent tax. Hope this provides enouragement to other states working on tobacco tax campaigns-especially NC and GA. Also note the bill inclues $5 million for tobacco control in a state that has dedicated little ($2 million) or nothing for prevention and cessation for the past several years! Way to go SC Tobacco Collaborative and partners!

Check out the article here: http://www.tobaccofreekids.org/Script/DisplayPressRelease.php3?Display=1210

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Austrailia to Introduce Tough Restrictions on Cigarette Labels

SYDNEY — Tobacco companies would be forced to use plain, logo-free packaging on their cigarettes in a bid to make them less attractive to smokers under legislation introduced Thursday by Australia's government, which dubbed the move a world-first.